your friendly neighborhood lemon 🍋

i'm a serial hacker, always experimenting with new stuff in web3 and frontier tech.
curiosity drives me to explore beyond my comfort zone, embracing risk and failure as opportunities for personal growth. i love decentralized socials, and i'm very active on farcaster, where i share my ideas, projects and recently built a bunch of frames.

i'm a community builder, i love to share my knowledge and help others grow.
that's why i started a community for web3 builders (urbe.eth) in my hometown, rome, where we hangout, learn and build cool shit together.


some of the cool shit I've been building lately

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no-code waitlist frames to get early adopters for your products

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mobile-native farcaster client focused on threads and long conversations

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no-code billboard frames to monetize your farcaster channel space by selling slots on your billboard

  • farhack 2024
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your mobile usdc shortcut making it easy to send money to your friends and family

  • ethglobal london 2024
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a tablet-first app that helps merchant setting up their shop and start accepting payments in crypto. Within the app merchants can create their shop, add items and sell goods to their customers just by having them scanning a QR Code.

  • ethbucarest 2024
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fluidpay is a mobile-first p2p payments app running on Base and USDC-centric, integrating smart account, stealth addresses and virtual cards to offer a seamless and secure experience with empowered privacy.

  • ethglobal london 2024
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Making public goods donations accessible to everyone through crypto and fiat.

  • ethdenver 2024
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a mobile-native AA smart wallet designed for p2p payments, featuring automatic saving plans and easy-to-use investment features GHO-based.

  • ethglobal lfgho winner
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a mobile-first social app that improves your feed based on your social graph and in-app interactions. powered by a dynamic recommendation engine, your content is in perfect sync.

  • ethglobal istanbul
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the free, fun and effective way to learn web3

  • ethlisbon 2023



the best place to find people on farcaster

  • buildspace s4



the easiest way to split group expenses with crypto

  • ethwarsaw winner 2023



a voice chat app for onchain communities. create token-gated rooms based on token ownership, poap claims, group affiliations and more.

  • ethglobal paris winner
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bob is safe

a privacy-first crypto payroll platform. protect your employees privacy while keeping compliant with local regulations.

  • ethglobal lisbon 2022
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community for Web3 builders in rome: coworking, events, hackathons, and more.

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the 1st web3 hackathon in Italy, on governance and privacy topics


companies I've been working with in the past

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builders garden

co-founder & serial hacker

a web3 mvp studio building and launching web3 products in a matter of weeks.

  • nov 2023 - present
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backend engineer

a web3 startup building a platform to connect web3 builders at early stage and support them in their journey.

  • apr 2022 - jul 2023
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backend developer

a fintech startup building an app to help people manage their personal finances and easily pay their taxes, fines and other public services.

  • apr 2021 - apr 2022
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backend developer

an edtech startup building a platform to helps students bridging from university to their professional career.

  • jul 2018 - apr 2021